Blairbank Self Catering Holiday Accomodation Bute
Blairbank Self Catering Holiday Accomodation Bute
FOR SALE - Blairbank Holiday Apartment in Rothesay on the Isle of Bute
FOR SALE - Blairbank Holiday Apartment in Rothesay on theIsle of Bute

Blairbank Apartment Environmental Policy



We support Visit Scotland’s ‘Sustainable Tourism Policy’ by encouraging our guests to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle during their stay at Blairbank Apartment.



  • We set the refrigerator a temperature below 5oC to reduce the chance that food will ‘go off’ and have to be wasted. Currently, there is no facility from Argyll & Bute Council for collection of food waste but it is being piloted in one area of the Council and we continue to monitor any extension of this.

  • We ensure that any ‘white goods’ newly purchased for the Apartment are at least ‘A’-rated to minimise energy consumption.

  • We have re-roofed the slated part of the Apartment roof and removed an aged skylight to minimise energy loss.

  • Most of the windows in the Apartment are double-glazed to minimise energy loss.

  • We recognise that our guests want to stay in a comfortable environment so we give them control of the thermostat that controls the central heating, but at the same time encourage them to be thoughtful about turning down the temperature overnight and when out of the Apartment for long periods. In particular we advise turning off the heating before opening windows to cool down!

  • We have installed a new combi-boiler which has an ‘eco’ setting. This means that hot water is not stored but produced ‘on demand’. We ask our guests to be patient whilst the hot water runs through the system.

  • We use low energy bulbs for lighting where feasible.


  • Reuse

  • Whilst we provide rolls of poly bags for re-use in the waste and litter bins, we also encourage re-using supermarket bags where possible.


  • Recycle

  • Two green recycling bags provided by Fyne Futures are stored in the Utility Area, one for plastic drinks bottles and cans and the other for paper and flattened cardboard, Food cans may be recycled also if washed out first.

  • Recycling is collected fortnightly and collection dates are pinned up in the Utility area and on the pin-board in the entrance porch.

  • Glass bottles are not collected by Fyne Futures but if they are left in the smaller green plastic bag in the utility area we will collect and recycle.

  • If guests are not staying until the next collection day we are happy to deal with the recycling.




Helping to Keep the Isle of Bute Beautiful

  • Since April 1998, Beachwatch Bute has been a vital and hard working charity which removes of over 10 tonnes of marine litter from the shores and beaches of Bute each year!

  • The project carries out a necessary service to the Isle of Bute’s environment as well as an educational programme via schools and events.

  • We hope that our guests are fortunate enough to experience some fantastic weather and explore some of the more remote parts of the island. However many of our secluded beaches lack rubbish disposal facilities and we encourage our guests to take some of the ‘reusable’ poly bags that we keep in the utility cupboard to sort and bring back their rubbish for recycling/disposal or dispose of it en-route at the dedicated recycling facilities in the towns and villages around the island. A map showing the location of these is available in the Apartment.


Thank you for doing your bit to help the Isle of Bute!




Blairbank Apartment is now 'For Sale'. If you are interested in purchasing a holiday apartment on Bute please go to Bute Property website:



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